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Tuesday, 05 October 2010 21:14


Hi Jamie, 
Another question... The robot you showed us in the lego workshop had 4 sensors, 2*light sensors and 2 touch sensors.
Obviously, these 4 sensors take up all the ports on the CPU. So, these are only sensors you used on this particular robot, right?
You didn't use any sound nor distance sensor, did you??



Hello Masaru,

Indeed, our robot had 2 light and 2 touch sensors.  They take up the all the ports on the CPU.  We have generally found them to be the most useful for navigating the field.  We don't see any particular use for the sound sensor, but that isn't to say that somebody hasn't come up with some creative use.  The ultrasonic sensor is kind of in the middle.  It's neat in that it can tell you how far you are from something, especially if it's something like a wall.  But in general it won't be as accurate as the other two sensors.  So are decision is to use the 2 light and 2 touch sensors.  In one of our prototype robots last year we built a parallelogram lever arrangement so that each of the touch sensors could be activated both from the back and the front of the robot, effectively giving us 4 touch sensors and 2 light sensors.  This year was the first year the light sensors were behind the drive wheels.  They were still useful for lining up on lines but were only good for line following if we were going backwards.  But it did allow us to keep our robot really small.

Hope that helps,
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