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Monday, 30 August 2010 14:14

Question: In an effort to learn from others I dived into the many blog posts and video/pics of the MoonBot Chasis V6 and the variants that came before.  Maybe I missed the discussion elsewhere but I was interested to hear more about two items.

You made mention of "power-factors battery pack" and "power-factors motors" when commenting on an earlier 4WD solution which failed the KISS principle.  What are these and is it something that was provided in the MoonBot package?

Answer: Power-Functions battery packs and Power-Functions motors did not come with our MoonBots kit but were "Allowed".  They are another type of Lego motor and power supply and can be interfaced to or controlled by a mindstorms brick.  We did get them working and we did control them.  We used an infrared link (from hitechnic) and the Power-Functions infra-red receiver as an easy way to bridge control from one to the other and only use up one sensor port on our brick, which we did have free in the end.  In theory, the one infrared link, could have controlled 2 Power-Functions infrared receivers, which could each control two sets of motors independently, giving us a total of 4 extra motor groups to control.  However, we decided the extra weight and complexity outweighed any advantage.  You can learn more about them here http://powerfunctions.lego.com/en-us/WhatIs/Default.aspx

Excellent job.  I hope you are rewarded for your hard work!

Thanks for your support! 


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