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Written by Joey   
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 22:17

We have just arrived in St. Louis, pulling up right in front of the NASA trailer! Wednesday is load in and judging, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are matches. Looking forward to seeing all of our friends from around the world and playing robots! We are in the Edison Division (will probably be listed as division 2 on the live stream page).

Live streams to all of the FTC events will be posted here.

Good luck to everyone competing this week! 


Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 April 2014 22:32
Build a Better Bot Workshop with Patronum Bots PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Cougars   
Wednesday, 18 September 2013 08:33

On August 31st we got together with the Patronum Bots at their home base in East Troy, Wisconsin to put on our Build a Better Bot workshop. It was an all day event, and 12 teams attended, coming from Wisconsin and surrounding states. Throughout the day, we discussed topics such as game and robot analysis, mechanical and wiring practices, and static electricity. Along with topics about the robot, we also went over scouting and showed teams how we pick teams at tournaments. Near the end of the day, we held an “open work time” with several stations of hands-on activities. These included double drilling channel, creating static spray, switching from tamiya connections to anderson powerpoles, and making static detectors.

Check out the videos in the Build a Better Bot workshop playlist created by the Patronum Bots. 



Download this file (FTC Workshop Wisconsin.pptx)FTC Workshop Wisconsin.pptx[The slide deck from our Build a Better Bot workshop, August 31 2013, in East Troy WI]96876 Kb13/09/13 08:38
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Build a Better Bot workshop handouts & useful info PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jamie Diamond   
Monday, 16 September 2013 22:31

Download this file (HiTechnic Motor Controller Brief v1.3.pdf)HiTechnic Motor Controller Brief v1.3.pdf[ ]194 Kb16/09/13 22:36
Download this file (HiTechnic Servo Controller Brief v1.2.pdf)HiTechnic Servo Controller Brief v1.2.pdf[ ]168 Kb16/09/13 22:36
Download this file (HiTechnic Servo Controller Power Limits.pdf)HiTechnic Servo Controller Power Limits.pdf[ ]115 Kb16/09/13 22:36
Download this file (HS-485HB Servo - A.pdf)HS-485HB Servo - A.pdf[ ]182 Kb16/09/13 22:37
Download this file (HS-485HB Servo - B.pdf)HS-485HB Servo - B.pdf[ ]829 Kb16/09/13 22:41
Download this file (Motor Power Chart.pdf)Motor Power Chart.pdf[ ]29 Kb16/09/13 22:37
Download this file (TETRIX DC Motor Specs.pdf)TETRIX DC Motor Specs.pdf[ ]122 Kb16/09/13 22:37
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2012-2013 FTC Season Review PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joey   
Thursday, 30 May 2013 00:00


Cougar Robotics, FTC team 4251, went undefeated in 14 matches to become the 2013 FIRST Tech Challenge World Champions. FIRST Tech Challenge or FTC is an international robotics competition where students design, build, and program robots to compete against other teams in a 2 robot vs 2 robot game or challenge.  The game changes every year so that the teams have to come up with solutions to a new set of challenges.  FTC encompasses design, community outreach, and game performance. This year’s game was called “Ring It Up!” where robots had to take rings off PVC dispensers and make tic-tac-toe lines on a center rack. Our team has 4 members; Joey Diamond, Sean Morehart, Nathan Nahhas, and Evan Hollins. This year, we qualified to compete at the World Championship in St. Louis by winning the Ohio State Championship Inspire Award and the Indiana State Championship robot game. In preparation for the World Championship, we fabricated major parts of our robot at the Columbus Idea Foundry. We also hosted a scrimmage for 3 other teams and ourselves at CIF to practice and tune our robots for the competition.

The World Championship was a 4 day competition held in St. Louis, Missouri. 128 teams from around the world qualified for this event and were separated into 2 divisions of 64 teams each. First, we had to win our division, then compete against the winners of the other division.

During the first 2 days, robots are randomly paired with and against each other in qualifying matches to determine the rankings within a division. At the end of the 2nd day, the top 4 seeded teams in each division (we were ranked 1st) chose alliances. This means we got to choose 2 partner teams to compete with us through the elimination matches. After intense scouting, we chose alliance partners, team 4140 Fish in the Boat and team 5096 Monkey Madness. On the last day, alliances play against each other in “best-of-3” elimination rounds. Each of the divisions has their own set of elimination matches, followed by the winners of each division playing each other. We went 2-0 in all of our 6 elimination matches with our chosen alliance partners, to win the World Championship, going undefeated in every match.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 September 2013 21:08
We are in the News! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Evan Hollins   
Sunday, 05 May 2013 00:00
We were recently featured in an article written by Joe Blundo in the Columbus Dispatch!  Here is the link!
Last Updated on Saturday, 25 May 2013 09:37

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  • RECAP: Gear Up with FTC! Virtual Summer Conference

    Did you get to participate in the inaugural Gear Up with FTC! FIRST Tech Challenge Virtual Summer Conference? I learned so many new things my brain hurts. If you didn't get a chance to check in, here's a recap of what you missed. Follow the links to watch any of the sessions on the FIRSTTech Challenge YouTube Channel.

    On Wednesday Kari Karwedsky from PTC talked about Shared Connections between the engineering field, PTC, and FIRST. Her topic was a great reminder that FIRST Tech Challenge is about more than just robots-there is a lot of practical, life learning that happens on and off the competition field! Maintaining the connection theme, 2014 FIRST Tech Challenge World ChampionshipInspire Award winners The Bears joined us from Mexico to talk about FTC teams building international connections and practical team organization methods and tips, which will be especially useful for rookie teams starting to plan their season. Their high-energy presentation was followed by team ‘Oly Cow member Ernest Gu on the value to FTC teams of using the HiTechnic SuperPro Prototyping Board during the design phase of the robot build. Not only did he provide practical tips and how to use the Prototyping Board, he demonstrated it, which was really useful. The last presentation of the day was given by Tim Friez from Carnegie Mellon on Advanced RobotC. It may be summer, but we know there were lots of teams taking notes to ramp up their robot this coming season!

    Technical difficulties could not keep team Gearticks down; they rolled with the punches and presented on Thursday when Google+ prevented their planned presentation time of Wednesday night from happening. They packed their presentation Materials for Enhancing Creative Robot Design full of ideas and tried and true tips on rethinking robot design and getting creative with materials. They recommend that teams take some time to review the allowed list of parts in the FIRST Tech Challenge Game Manual Part I and we agree! Dr. Gigi Johnson’s presentation on Judging Interview Skills is another must-see for teams; not only will it improve your Judging experience, it will improve your interview skills for job and college application interviews down the line. Next, team Schrödinger’s Hat from Alaska made back-to-back appearances with Katie Johnson’s presentation on Advanced LabVIEW (another knockout presentation – were you taking notes?) and Colleen Johnson’s presentation on Robot Wiring Troubleshooting, partnered by FIRSTAlum and Minnesota FTC Field Technical Assistants Evan Hochstein and Colton Mehlhoff. You’ll want to check out both of those presentations to polish your robot up for competition this year. The final presentation included engineers from Rockwell Collins discussing the engineering process, problems they face, and how they deal with them in ways similar to what FTC teams do in the iterative process of designing their robots.

    We were so excited to bring you this Virtual Conference and we hope the practical tips, great advice, and engineering ideas these quality presentations provided will help your team achieve its goals this season. The FIRST Tech Challenge community is full of experts from all ages and places, and we are so grateful to everyone who helped make this inaugural Gear Up with FTC! Virtual Summer Conference a total success. We are already thinking about ways to improve for next summer’s conference and welcome your ideas. Thanks for watching!